Kim Yong-moon

President Korea Institute of Startup and Entrepreneurship Development

The Korea Institute of Startup and Entrepreneurship Development, KISED, is a public institution under the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. As the President of KISED, Mr. Kim Yong-moon has been supporting pre-entrepreneurs and tech-based startups in their technological innovation and service provision.

President Kim worked as a researcher and adjunct professor at the Graduate School of Management of Technology of Sogang University for 12 years. Serving as Vice-President of the National Institute of Balanced National Development and Director-General of the Local Innovation Bureau of the Presidential Committee on Balanced National Development, he has worked hard to contribute to the balanced growth of the Republic of Korea.

He also proactively carried out various research: 「Improvement Measures for Professional Training Programs in the Management of Technology Sector, MOT, by Evaluating their Competitiveness in Boosting Startups」 and 「Strategy Development and Creation of an Environment for the Global Market-oriented Commercialization of Intellectual Properties」