Yong-Beom Kim

President of Hashed Open Research

As an expert in economics, Dr. Yongbeom Kim is well known for his deep knowledge of international affairs and penetrating insights into financial markets. After his retirement from public service in 2021, Dr. Kim is leading an active second life by continuing to share his perspectives on various issues.

Major Korean media companies and large conglomerates regularly seek advice from Dr. Kim on matters related to both domestic and global economy as well as financial markets; therefore, Dr. Kim frequently delivers passionate lectures on these topics. Most recently, Dr. Kim was appointed the President of Hashed Open Research, where he aims to serve as an intermediary between innovation and regulation.

Dr. Kim is also the author of “Turbulence and Equilibrium” (2022) which vividly describes how the recent pandemic crisis has fundamentally shifted our world order and identifies six key issues we need to urgently address in response to such a shift – Macroeconomic Stability, Fiscal Reform, Inequality, Big Tech Regulation, Cryptocurrency Regulation, and Climate Change. Dr. Kim provides insightful solutions to all of the aforementioned challenges, which is why his book has widely been acclaimed as a must-read among finance professionals and government officials.